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With more specific needs to be taken care of, more advanced technologies and more comprehensive plans, the rich landscape of telecom providers gets even richer when the business market is considered. Mobile, broadband, landlines and bundle packages all get many extras compared with their consumer market counterparts, and pure players are here to compete with well-known service providers and carriers.

Assessing business mobile technologies, providers and plans

Business users will need to understand exactly what modern mobile phone technologies can do for their professional needs in order to select the  best plan, with the best provider, at the best price.

Choosing the best business mobile phone deal first means understanding one’s specific needs, and what new mobile phone technologies can do to match these needs.

Knowing the basic pros and cons of each mobile phone operating system to select the right hardware is a start, and understanding what services can work on these operating systems and devices is the key to select the right telecom provider.

Several telecom providers compete to offer ever-changing lists of plans, with matching options to follow technological progress. But which one is really right for your planned business usage, and which one will really go the extra mile for the corporate customer ?

Business phone and broadband deals

Most mobile phone service providers now double up as broadband and business phone service providers. Each type of package comes with added benefits compared with their consumer market counterparts.

The service is better, faster, stronger... but also more secure and more reliable. Plans directed at professionals are adapted to match these paramount concerns, and offer the much-needed advantages related to dedicated support channels.

Although most brand names associated with business communications are also well known by individual, mass-market customers, there has been a steady increase in the number of b2b-dedicated providers all trying to tackle niche markets.

Major telecom providers going the extra mile

If there are many telecom providers, some can be noted for their efforts to provide more than just phones and wires, and develop far-reaching hardware technologies to cater to very precise business needs. These full-service telecom providers can team up with their corporate clients to go the extra mile, from call centre to analytics.